ccan: Correct some poor conventions in _info includes
[ccan] / ccan / list / _info
2014-06-16 David Gibsonccan: Correct some poor conventions in _info includes
2014-02-28 Rusty RussellEnhance CCAN_LIST_DEBUG to report original caller
2012-09-19 Rusty Russelllist: change license to BSD-MIT.
2011-11-23 Vladimir Zapolskiylist: fix list element counting in provided example...
2011-07-19 Rusty Russellvarious: make the _info License: wording uniform for...
2010-10-17 Rusty Russelllicence->license: US English is the standard for code.
2010-08-06 Rusty RussellAdd author and maintainer fields.
2009-05-28 Rusty RussellRename _info.c to _info: this means we can simple compi...