should read the tty options file now.
[ppp.git] / pppd / pppd.h
1999-03-24 Paul Mackerrasshould read the tty options file now.
1999-03-22 Paul MackerrasAdd pty, notty and record options.
1999-03-19 Paul Mackerrasremove a couple of ansi-C-isms.
1999-03-19 Paul Mackerrasremoved some functions made static and other unused...
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd data_name to struct protent
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd add_fd and remove_fd, remove wait_loop_output and...
1999-03-12 Paul Mackerrasuse strlcpy, strlcat, slprintf everywhere
1999-03-08 Paul Mackerrasminor changes so it compiles with pre-ansi compiler;
1999-03-06 Paul Mackerrasleave the real user ID as the user's now
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasopen the device as the user unless the device name...
1999-02-26 Paul Mackerrasexport readable() from options.c so auth.c can use it
1999-01-20 Paul Mackerrasremove unneeded devnam_info
1998-11-07 Paul MackerrasUpdate to new pppd with new option parsing stuff
1998-05-13 Paul MackerrasFix it so it compiles under RedHat 5.0 linux with glibc...
1998-03-26 Paul MackerrasAdded updetach option.
1998-03-25 Paul Mackerrasdeclare script_{un}setenv and get_host_seed
1997-04-30 Paul Mackerrasadd optional packet filtering; caddr_t -> void *
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasfix decls of [cs]ifdefaultroute and logwtmp
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasinclude optional callback support
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasadded IPXCPDEBUG
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerraspriv option stuff; add option_error proto
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasadded prototypes for protent procedure entries and...
1996-05-27 Paul Mackerrassyslog stuff back to main.c; removed filters; protos...
1996-04-04 Paul Mackerrasadd some more prototypes
1996-01-01 Paul Mackerrasadd extra option variables, prototypes etc. for demand...
1995-12-18 Paul Mackerrasextend protocol table; added maxconnect option
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasfix up prototypes
1995-04-26 Paul Mackerrasadded papcrypt option
1995-04-24 Paul Mackerrasremoved s, added ipparam
1994-10-24 Paul MackerrasN_PPP ->NUM_PPP
1994-09-21 Paul Mackerrasuse ppp_defs.h instead of ppp.h, args.h; change some...
1994-09-01 Paul MackerrasDeclare option variables here; define uint32
1994-05-26 Paul Mackerrasadd casts to eliminate compiler warnings
1994-04-18 Paul Mackerrasadded phase and values for it.
1993-11-11 Paul MackerrasInitial revision