explain about behaviour when opening the device
[ppp.git] / pppd / pppd.8
1999-03-03 Paul Mackerrasexplain about behaviour when opening the device
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasupdate: hide-password, behaviour of auth/noauth
1999-02-26 Paul Mackerrasminor fixes, update man page
1998-11-07 Paul MackerrasUpdate to new pppd with new option parsing stuff
1998-09-13 Paul MackerrasChange UID to ORIG_UID because bash defines UID.
1998-09-04 Christos Zoulasadd support for CDTRCTS flow control
1998-03-31 Paul MackerrasDescribe environment variables set for scripts.
1997-04-30 Paul Mackerrasadd optional packet filtering
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrascorrections, better discussion of authentication
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasclarify some things
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerrasimproved
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasupdate, make more consistent
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerrasupdated
1996-07-03 Paul Mackerrasremove bpf options, added info about new options and...
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasminor correction to deflate option description
1996-04-04 Paul Mackerrasdescribe new options, don't describe obsolete ones
1996-01-18 Paul Mackerrasupdated
1995-12-18 Paul Mackerrasadded optional IPX and ms-dns support options
1995-08-17 Paul MackerrasAdded -vjccid and vj-max-slots options, and reorganized in
1995-08-16 Paul MackerrasAdded -defaultroute and -proxyarp options.
1995-08-11 Paul Mackerrasmention ipparam option
1995-06-12 Paul MackerrasGive up waiting for a PAP auth-req from the peer after...
1995-05-01 Paul Mackerrasgiving the name of the ctty is the same as not giving...
1995-05-01 Paul Mackerrascomment on papcrypt
1995-04-24 Paul Mackerraschange 'data terminal ready' and 'carrier detect' refs
1994-09-16 Paul Mackerrasupdated: bsdcomp, modem, crtscts, signal discussions.
1994-06-09 Paul Mackerrasmention use of facility local2 when compiled with debug...
1994-05-30 Paul Mackerrasmention /etc/ppp/options.<ttyname>
1994-05-24 Paul Mackerrasdocument xonxoff/-crtscts and lcp-echo-* options
1994-05-09 Paul Mackerrasnote effect of modem option under ultrix
1994-04-18 Paul MackerrasAdded new options: kdebug, disconnect, lock, mtu, escape.
1994-02-08 Paul Mackerrasdescribe new behaviour with default IP address and...
1994-02-08 Paul MackerrasInitial revision