add /etc/ppp/peers
[ppp.git] / pppd / pathnames.h
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerrasadd /etc/ppp/peers
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasadded _PATH_AUTH_{UP,DOWN}
1995-12-18 Paul Mackerrasadded optional IPX paths
1995-06-12 Paul MackerrasMods from Al Longyear, including improvements to option...
1994-09-01 Paul MackerrasUse paths.h if it is available.
1994-05-18 Paul Mackerrasadded _PATH_TTYOPT and _PATH_USEROPT
1994-04-20 Paul Mackerrasuse /etc/ppp/ for ultrix
1994-04-11 Paul Mackerrasadded names for IP up/down scripts
1993-11-11 Paul MackerrasInitial revision