create log file safely, don't create world-writable files
[ppp.git] / pppd / main.c
1999-11-15 Paul Mackerrascreate log file safely, don't create world-writable...
1999-09-11 Paul MackerrasAdd plugin support plus an initial selection of hooks.
1999-08-24 Paul Mackerrasfix buglet
1999-08-24 Paul MackerrasRest of IPV6 merge which got lost somehow, plus some...
1999-08-13 Paul MackerrasFix the rcsid's for non-ansi compilers
1999-08-13 Paul Mackerrasadd linkname option
1999-08-12 Paul Mackerrasadd maxfail option to control the max # of failed attempts
1999-07-21 Paul Mackerrasallow options in secrets files
1999-05-13 Paul Mackerrasset env vars with link stats
1999-05-12 Paul Mackerrasexit with an appropriate value to indicate what happened
1999-04-28 Paul Mackerrasfix buglets
1999-04-16 Paul Mackerrasfix pid handling
1999-04-12 Paul Mackerrasadd debugging messages about waiting for children at...
1999-04-12 Paul MackerrasMove some stuff (printing, logging, [un]locking) into...
1999-04-01 Paul Mackerrasremove another ansi-C-ism
1999-04-01 Paul Mackerrassmall changes suggested by Seth Chaiklin
1999-03-31 Paul Mackerrasremove unneeded (harmful) closes in device_script
1999-03-31 Paul Mackerrasadd reopen_log(), call it after using PAM stuff
1999-03-30 Paul Mackerrasset the SPEED variable later so it is valid
1999-03-30 Paul MackerrasFix the behaviour of device_script when in/out are...
1999-03-25 Paul MackerrasAdd timestamp at beginning of each section of record...
1999-03-24 Paul Mackerrasshould read the tty options file now.
1999-03-23 Paul MackerrasAllow record option with pty option.
1999-03-22 Paul MackerrasAdd pty, notty and record options.
1999-03-19 Paul Mackerrasremove a couple of ansi-C-isms.
1999-03-19 Paul Mackerrasadded log_to_fd to specify which fd log output should...
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd data_name to struct protent
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasdon't print debug msgs to stderr unless debug is set
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd %P and %B formats, fixed %I
1999-03-12 Paul Mackerrasuse strlcpy, strlcat, slprintf everywhere
1999-03-08 Paul Mackerrasminor changes so it compiles with pre-ansi compiler;
1999-03-06 Paul Mackerrasleave the real user ID as the user's now
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasopen the device as the user unless the device name...
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerraslimit printing of excess data in log to 32 bytes
1999-02-26 Paul Mackerrasminor fixes, update man page
1999-01-19 Paul Mackerrasuse fchmod rather than chmod to restore device permissions
1998-11-07 Paul MackerrasUpdate to new pppd with new option parsing stuff
1998-09-13 Paul MackerrasChange UID to ORIG_UID because bash defines UID.
1998-05-05 Paul MackerrasTrap recursive bad_signal calls; idea from Richard...
1998-04-28 Paul MackerrasMake packet printing stuff use vfmtmsg
1998-03-30 Paul Mackerrasrewrite the pid file when using updetach
1998-03-26 Paul MackerrasAdded updetach option.
1998-03-25 Paul MackerrasPass useful info to scripts in environment variables.
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasdon't need IFNAMSIZ now
1997-11-27 Paul Mackerrasset CLOCAL before running connector.
1997-07-14 Paul Mackerrasdon't set CLOCAL when running connector
1997-04-30 Paul Mackerrasopen the device a second time to wait for carrier if...
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasconnect time stuff gone to auth.c,
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrascheck we're running as root
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasinclude optional callback support
1996-09-26 Paul MackerrasLinux isn't special any more, fixes for non-ansi compilers.
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasfix compilation problems under SunOS
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerraspriv option stuff; signal [dis]connector if we get...
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasscan command line for tty name before reading options...
1996-05-28 Paul Mackerrasadded [v]fmtmsg; syslog init stuff moved here;
1996-04-04 Paul Mackerrasminor cleanup; add sleep after dropping dtr
1996-01-18 Paul Mackerraslook at args from .ppprc after options.tty
1996-01-01 Paul Mackerrasadd demand dialling support; rename fd to ttyfd
1995-12-18 Paul Mackerrasadded maxconnect option; extend protocol table; optiona...
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasfix up prototypes; let sysdep stuff make device non...
1995-08-16 Paul MackerrasClean up and exit on various fatal signals; allow sys...
1995-08-10 Paul MackerrasUse SIGNAL not signal because the former doesn't reset...
1995-07-11 Paul MackerrasCheck for input after SIGHUP before closing LCP so...
1995-06-12 Paul MackerrasMods from Al Longyear, including improvements to option...
1995-05-19 Paul Mackerrasuse die when finished, not exit; log message on input eof
1995-05-01 Paul Mackerrasset default_device if user specified the default device...
1995-04-24 Paul Mackerrasremove refs to s, minor fixes
1994-10-22 Paul Mackerrasget_input only reads one message; reset terminal properly
1994-09-21 Paul Mackerrasuse ppp_defs.h instead of ppp.h, args.h; change some...
1994-09-01 Paul MackerrasUse _PATH_VARRUN from pathnames.h instead of _PATH_PIDFILE
1994-09-01 Paul Mackerrasmade SIGUSR1 toggle debug and SIGUSR2 open CCP (patent...
1994-08-25 Paul Mackerrasmoved more stuff into sys-*.c
1994-08-22 Paul Mackerrasdevname -> devnam
1994-08-09 Paul MackerrasUse select/poll instead of signals.
1994-05-27 Paul Mackerrasput linux ioctls in sys-linux.c
1994-05-26 Paul Mackerrasdon't need if_ppp.h
1994-05-24 Paul Mackerrasincorporate changes from linux port
1994-05-18 Paul Mackerrasdefault REQ_SYSOPTIONS is now 1
1994-05-09 Paul Mackerrasfixed bug where we were doing invalid restore operation...
1994-05-01 Paul Mackerrasfixed bug in alrm; set CLOCAL bit on tty while running...
1994-04-18 Paul Mackerrasadded support for device locking, kdebug, and disconnec...
1994-04-11 Paul Mackerrasadded stuff to print packets in readable form;
1994-01-10 Paul Mackerrasblock SIGPOLL to fix hanging on startup bug.
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrasremoved warning if not process group leader when using...
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrascheck if we have ppp early on
1993-11-23 Paul Mackerrasfail if /etc/ppp/options not present if -DREQ_SYSOPTIONS=1
1993-11-11 Paul MackerrasInitial revision