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get_input only reads one message; reset terminal properly
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1994-10-22 Paul Mackerrasget_input only reads one message; reset terminal properly
1994-09-21 Paul Mackerrasuse ppp_defs.h instead of ppp.h, args.h; change some...
1994-09-01 Paul MackerrasUse _PATH_VARRUN from pathnames.h instead of _PATH_PIDFILE
1994-09-01 Paul Mackerrasmade SIGUSR1 toggle debug and SIGUSR2 open CCP (patent...
1994-08-25 Paul Mackerrasmoved more stuff into sys-*.c
1994-08-22 Paul Mackerrasdevname -> devnam
1994-08-09 Paul MackerrasUse select/poll instead of signals.
1994-05-27 Paul Mackerrasput linux ioctls in sys-linux.c
1994-05-26 Paul Mackerrasdon't need if_ppp.h
1994-05-24 Paul Mackerrasincorporate changes from linux port
1994-05-18 Paul Mackerrasdefault REQ_SYSOPTIONS is now 1
1994-05-09 Paul Mackerrasfixed bug where we were doing invalid restore operation...
1994-05-01 Paul Mackerrasfixed bug in alrm; set CLOCAL bit on tty while running...
1994-04-18 Paul Mackerrasadded support for device locking, kdebug, and disconnec...
1994-04-11 Paul Mackerrasadded stuff to print packets in readable form;
1994-01-10 Paul Mackerrasblock SIGPOLL to fix hanging on startup bug.
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrasremoved warning if not process group leader when using...
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrascheck if we have ppp early on
1993-11-23 Paul Mackerrasfail if /etc/ppp/options not present if -DREQ_SYSOPTIONS=1
1993-11-11 Paul MackerrasInitial revision