Rework options processing stuff to implement option priorities
[ppp.git] / pppd / ipxcp.c
2001-02-22 Paul MackerrasRework options processing stuff to implement option...
1999-08-24 Paul MackerrasRest of IPV6 merge which got lost somehow, plus some...
1999-08-13 Paul MackerrasFix the rcsid's for non-ansi compilers
1999-08-12 Paul Mackerraskill warning
1999-04-01 Paul Mackerrassmall changes suggested by Seth Chaiklin
1999-03-22 Paul MackerrasAdd pty, notty and record options.
1999-03-19 Paul Mackerrasmade some functions static.
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd data_name to struct protent
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasdon't call np_down unless np_up has been called
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrassyslog -> notice/error/etc.
1999-03-12 Paul Mackerrasuse strlcpy, strlcat, slprintf everywhere
1998-11-07 Paul MackerrasUpdate to new pppd with new option parsing stuff
1998-05-13 Paul MackerrasFix it so it compiles under RedHat 5.0 linux with glibc...
1998-03-25 Paul Mackerrasminor cleanup
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasupdates from Al Longyear
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasupdate from Al
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasfix prototype
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasmoved protos here from ipxcp.h; print reason on termina...
1995-12-18 Paul MackerrasUpdates from Al's ppp-2.2.0d release