update the version number
[ppp.git] / pppd / Makefile.linux
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasupdate the version number
1998-05-04 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.5; fix kernel version checking for linux
1998-04-01 Paul Mackerrasdefine HAVE_CRYPT_H if we have a /usr/include/crypt.h
1998-03-25 Paul Mackerrasinclude from ../include instead of ..
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.3; don't need extra -lcrypt
1997-11-27 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.2
1997-07-14 Paul Mackerrasupdate to 2.3.1
1997-04-30 Paul Mackerrasdon't need -lbsd now, only use -lcrypt if it exists
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasfix libs and flags
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasupdate from Al
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasinclude optional callback support
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerrasdon't need BSD_SOURCE define any more
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrascleaned up, IPX is default
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerrasadd -D__BSD_SOURCE
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasupdates from Al
1996-05-28 Paul Mackerrasupdate to Al's 2.2.0f
1996-04-04 Paul Mackerrasadded files for demand-dialling and packet filtering...
1995-12-18 Paul MackerrasUpdates from Al's ppp-2.2.0d release
1995-12-11 Paul Mackerrasmods from Al Longyear
1995-06-30 Paul MackerrasMods to Linux code from Al Longyear: use ppp_idle inste...
1995-06-12 Paul MackerrasMods from Al Longyear.
1995-04-28 Paul Mackerrasminor updates, added -I.. to CFLAGS
1995-04-24 Paul Mackerrasremoved lock.c, cleanup
1994-09-21 Paul Mackerrasdon't need GIDSET_TYPE=gid_t
1994-09-01 Paul Mackerrasadded ccp stuff and -DHAVE_PATHS_H
1994-05-24 Paul Mackerrasremoved logwtmp
1994-05-24 Paul MackerrasInitial revision