exit with an appropriate value to indicate what happened
[ppp.git] / include / net / ppp_defs.h
1998-03-25 Paul Mackerrassmall mods for NeXT
1997-11-27 Paul Mackerrasadd a few defs
1997-04-30 Paul Mackerrasadded in some mtu defns
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasadd defs for appletalk
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasdefine CBCP protocol value
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerrasdon't depend on u_int
1995-08-10 Paul MackerrasProtect against problems if bitypes.h from BIND distrib...
1995-04-24 Paul Mackerraschanged int to time_t for idle times
1994-12-05 Paul Mackerrasassume ints are 32 bits; added idle time structure
1994-10-23 Paul Mackerrascompression ratio is now fixed point.
1994-10-22 Paul Mackerrassplit stats ioctl into two
1994-09-21 Paul Mackerrasprotect against multiple inclusion; add more protocols
1994-09-19 Paul MackerrasInitial revision