radattr: tighten permissions on radattr file to avoid information leakage. (#290)
[ppp.git] / chat / Makefile.sol2
2021-07-24 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #296 from enaess/ppp-autotools
2021-07-20 Eivind NæssRemove obsolete Makefile(s) and configure scripts
2002-09-07 James CarlsonAdded ability to detect and use either gcc or Sun WorkS...
2000-04-18 Adi Masputra1) Created a subdirectory called 'solaris'. Currently...
1998-03-24 Paul MackerrasKludge to handle solaris 2.6 having usleep; NeXT mods...
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasinclude Makedefs file
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerrasallow for COPTS from Makefile.top
1995-10-27 Paul MackerrasInitial revision