pppd: Fix SIGSEGV in EAP-TLS code when TLS verify method is not specified
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2002-09-07 James CarlsonUpdated Solaris-related READMEs for the current code.
2000-04-13 Paul MackerrasChanges for ppp-2.4.0 beta 1 release.
1999-10-08 Adi MasputraAdded comments for dynamic STREAMS support, along with...
1999-10-06 Adi MasputraAdded snoop support comments
1999-09-30 Adi MasputraAdded notes on IPv6 over PPP on Solaris
1999-09-13 Adi MasputraAdded comments for 64-bit environment.
1999-09-08 Adi MasputraComments on 64-bitness and IPv6 on Sol 8
1999-08-12 Paul Mackerrasadd sync support
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.6 release
1998-05-04 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.5
1998-04-02 Paul Mackerrasmention it works under 2.6
1998-04-02 Paul Mackerrasremove message about solaris 2.6
1998-03-26 Paul MackerrasUpdate for Solaris 2.6
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.3
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasupdated for 2.3
1995-12-18 Paul Mackerrassplit README.svr4 into it and README.sol2