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Unify boot messages
[petitboot] / petitboot.c
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrUnify boot messages
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrGive boot messages time to display.
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrPrint ststus message when booting
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrAdd define for boot-game-os binary
2007-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd ps3 controller support
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse shorter status bar string
2007-04-05 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd backspace to boot back to gameos and make left...
2007-04-05 Benjamin HerrenschmidtSmall change to acceleration curves
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse compressed cursor
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd a totally hackish video mode change mecanism
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ozlabs.org/home/jk/git...
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtMore message bits
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd a status message bar
2007-04-04 Jeremy KerrAllow petitboot to run udevtrigger on start
2007-04-03 Benjamin Herrenschmidtjpeg background support and scaling
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrFix includes for new libtwin
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrBe more careful including twin headers
2007-04-03 David WoodhouseHookup kexec
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrMake petitboot installable
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrInitial gitification of petitboot