descriptionlibtopology - a library for discovering Linux system topology
ownerNathan Lynch
last changeWed, 22 Oct 2008 01:18:08 +0000 (20:18 -0500)
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2008-10-22 Nathan Lynchuse git describe for dist version master
2008-10-22 Nathan Lynchupdate TODO
2008-10-22 Nathan Lynchreduce sysfs path lookup overhead
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchremove sysfs_root path from topo_context
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchmove cpumask parsing code to topology.c
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchremove helper module
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchclean up path/file handling
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchtraversal testcase: remove redundant context initialization
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynch"simple cache" testcase: fail on cache device lookup
2008-10-21 Nathan Lynchforce .so symlink creation
2008-10-16 Nathan Lynchlibtopology v0.3 v0.3
2008-10-16 Nathan Lynchupdate library build procedure
2008-10-15 Nathan LynchREADME: fix up references to old API
2008-10-14 Nathan Lynchadd a simple cache listing example program
2008-10-14 Nathan Lynchcpumasks: remove unused DO_SELFTEST define
2008-10-14 Nathan Lynch"two cores, shared L2" test: check L2 cpumask
12 years ago v0.3 libtopology 0.3
12 years ago master